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The Caribbean island of Cozumel, just off the coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, has become an increasingly popular destination for travelers looking for tourist hubs like Tulum and Cancun. This jewel of the Mexican Caribbean has always been known for its beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery and good food.

Extreme sports are also offered in Cozumel, such as kite surfing, kayaking, kite surfing, mountain biking, canoeing, fishing and much more. If you are interested in these challenging sports or just curious, you can visit our experts for kireboarding from cozUMel for more information. You can practice on the coast of the island or contact us if you have any questions about our many activities shown on our website.

Start at the north end on the wind side of the island and find the perfect place to enjoy Cozumel kiteboarding. If you are looking for the best location for kitesurfing or kireboarding in the area, head to Playa Bonita Beach Club, where you will find an operator who will provide you with everything you need.

Standing or kneeling on a floating board, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the pristine waters of Cozumel. If you are a diver and want to learn to dive, you should definitely mention CoZUMel on your trip to Mexico. Cozzumels is undoubtedly a diver's paradise, and whether you want to see corals or fish, it acts like the best water in the world where you can experience these activities. To find out all you need to know about car hire in Mexico, read our guide to car hire in Mexico or contact our Mexperience Travel Centre to reserve your R-car.

In Cozumel, parking by car is difficult, but if you really have a car, leave your car on the mainland and take the passenger ferry. If you do not have a car, you can drive to Puerto Vallarta and then drive to the other side of the island to pass Xcaret. The Strait of Malecon, the most important crossing between the Caribbean and the Pacific, takes longer and is less frequent. You can leave the car and ferry at the same time to travel to CoZUMel by bus, train or car.

To get from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen, you can take the bus or the passenger ferry to Cozumel. It takes about 35 - 40min by ferry, but there is a bus that takes you from the port of Xcaret to Playa in about 30 - 35min. The Mexico Water Jet departs from playsa del Carmen and there are two different routes, one from Puerto Vallarta and the other from X caret, and both are taken by ferry (about 15 - 20min).

There are local tour operators that work directly with cruise lines to plan accurate shore excursions to Cozumel. Some tours may also include stops that allow you to dive or snorkel in the lush waters, while others stop at beautiful secluded beaches and serve you a nice lunch. Overall, it is a recognised dive site and has been attracting divers from all over the world for over 50 years. If you want to know more about the island, you can find information about its past and present on the island's website.

Cozumel also has one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, the Rodeo de Lanchas Mexicana, which takes place every year in May.

Playa is located on the island of Cozumel and is easily accessible and very popular, and several dive shops and diving companies are always ready to take you there. There are a few beaches and clubs that offer snorkeling, but the main attraction are the reefs off the coast (see below). Most dives in CoZUMel are drift dives, where the boat drops you at the beginning of a dive, carries you along the current to the reef and picks you up at the end of the dive.

Boats with glass hulls are also offered, which sail along the shallow reefs and allow you a view of the marine world around Cozumel. They cross the shallower reefs and give a view of the marine world that surrounds CoZUMEL. The Caribbean is also being expanded from Shore Excursioneer, a new port that will soon open internationally. In the ZUMel region and the other parts of the Caribbean there are a lot of tourist opportunities for the local and international community.

We hope you enjoy our tours and the many water attractions and we hope you have the best vacation you will ever have in Cozumel. We guarantee to provide you with a good service free of charge and hope to make you and your family a good holiday at CoZUMEL!

If you love water sports, you will never want to leave Cozumel because there is so much to do! Whether you're on a day trip to the beach, a week-long vacation or just a few days in town, Cozumel's water sports offer you enjoyment and part of the best you can experience while discovering the region. We have found that our customers have a wide variety of water sports available and by choosing our preferred source you can benefit more than if you prefer other providers.

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More About Cozumel