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The new Novotel is the second hotel in the country to be built by Accor Mexico, joining a growing group of hotels across the country. The first Sofitel in Mexico opened in 2009 as part of the Fairmont Hotel Group's expansion into Mexico City. After the original Sofitsel Mexico hotel closed in 2010, the hotel was restored to its former state - the art - by Fairmonts in 2011.

Novotel is expanding its presence in Mexico City as a brand throughout the country, and Accor has submitted plans for 23 projects to open by 2023, including the construction of the first two hotels in the city and the opening of a third hotel, the Grand Hotel, in 2018. Other projects under development include two new hotels, one due to open in 2020 and the other in 2019.

The Detroit Temple, which is scheduled to open in June 2020 in the Cass Corridor in Detroit, will have a 1,000-room hotel, restaurant and retail space in addition to an SBE restaurant. The mixed-use development will include a 2,500 square metre catering, retail and office space. A raffle will be held at the Grand Hotel Detroit opening on Friday, June 8, 2018.

Playa del Carmen offers all three destinations a convenient location to explore all that the Riviera Maya has to offer with luxurious amenities and beauty. Enjoy a tapas evening on the Mayakoba waterway or read more about the sites of cultural importance that are out of reach when staying in Playa del Carmen.

If the host country requires a PCR test, the resort will organize the logistics and coordinate the scheduling with the local testing site. For reservations for at least three nights, guests coordinate with COVID and plan their 19 tests at check-in at the hotel. Tests are carried out 72 hours before departure and results are available the same day. If the test requires more than two days of travel time between the two destinations, or a total of four days per destination, the resorts will also coordinate planning through local test sites. Join our expert panel focused on getting back to profitability and join us on October 14, 2016 for our next meeting.

COVID 19 covers up to $5,000 in medical expenses for travel, and additional coverage covers general medical expenses and more. Travel Safe Melia insurance includes additional coverage totaling $1,500, including COVID 19. The insurance covers a 15-day stay in a hotel for guests, assistance to travel companions (including eviction and living expenses) until they return, and travel insurance.

Get ready for a successful year 2021 and beyond with the best hotels, restaurants and amenities in Mexico City and the rest of the world.

The least isolated of these three destinations is Playa del Carmen, located in the heart of the Riviera Maya corridor, but still not far from Tulum and Cozumel, and also a popular cruise ship landing spot. The downtown area with its shopping and restaurants has some of the best restaurants, bars, shops and hotels in Mexico City, as well as the best hotels and restaurants in Mexico City. There are also some great restaurants and bars on the beach and a number of great hotels in and around the city centre. It is a good choice for those who want to enjoy the lively beach, while the nightlife in Playas del Carmel is the busiest.

This means you can enjoy a fun evening with your fellow partygoers, but escape the exuberance when you're ready to relax.

We offer a variety of water activities, such as swimming with dolphins, kayaking, diving, snorkeling and more. The best view of the Mayakoba Banyan Tree is also when it lives in its natural habitat in the Pacific.

Playa del Carmen attracts renowned restaurateurs, leading to a vibrant international culinary scene. There are award-winning restaurants in every corner of the city, combined with a gated resort that houses some of the best restaurants, bars and hotels in Mexico, as well as the largest golf course in the world. Playa del Carmen is also a popular destination for eco-conscious travelers who come for its natural beauty, natural history and picturesque views.

Accor's North and Central America portfolio has grown 34 percent over the past five years, with 23 4,400-room hotels opened, including the Accor North America project in Mexico City, the first of its kind in the country. The brand has also added a new hotel in El Salvador, due to open in 2022, as well as two new hotels in Guatemala, one in Honduras and the other in Panama.

The former is Playa del Carmen, between Tulum and Cozumel, and the latter is a popular destination for travelers who want to relax one day in a luxury resort and come to town the next, especially compared to Co Zumba, the most popular seaside resort in Mexico City, or Playas del Cancun. Although the resort is fenced, both beaches are well maintained, so you can enjoy the perfect beach day, which includes a variety of activities such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, swimming pools and beach volleyball.

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More About Cozumel