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In honor of the Cinco de Mayo, I would like to tell the story of my family who, on the Western Caribbean Disney Cruise Line, discover the culture, beauty and cuisine of Cozumel, Mexico. One of our new experiences in Mexico offered us the opportunity to create colorful Mexican folk art sculptures that became popular in the early 1930s.

This mural is located on the side of the Cozumel Convention Center and shows the ocean that enables life. The mural focuses on the conservation of the endangered Splendid Toadfish, one of Mexico's most important marine creatures.

At Occidental Cozumel you will also enjoy the cultural events and activities related to the Mayan holy journey. Take a trip to Discover Mexico and experience the art and culture of the island itself. For example, you will see a lot of modern art that you may not have known or been fascinated by. Through interactive attractions, you can visit several museums, participate in many cultural activities at CoZUMel and sample some amazing authentic cuisine at Co Zumul.

Mexican traditions and immerse yourself and your family in Mexican tradition by creating the perfect souvenir for your return home with the help of qualified Mexican alebrije artists. Mexican cuisine and dance with a cooking teacher and an eventful cooking class where you will learn to make various Mexican salsas and traditional margaritas.

The patterns Melhor uses are similar to those found in the art of the Mayans, Aztecs, Olmecs and other ancient cultures of Mexico. The pieces are hand-made and often handmade by those who have kept this art alive in Mexico for centuries, from the Mayas to the Aztecs and the Ol Mecca to the present day.

Cozumel is a fragile island community and depends on the health of the ecosystem for its health, as illustrated by the flowers by the American artist Naturel. The coral-covered lagoons, coral reefs and coral reefs make CozUMel one of the best places to visit. There are trips to the Mayan ruins on the mainland that can take several hours and leave little time for exploration, shopping or relaxation. Offshore tours are the most visited - highlight of CoZUMEL, so give yourself time to take a series of excursions off the coast and really get to know them beyond the normal view - and - leave tourism.

Plan your trip now so you can fully explore the endless possibilities of Cozumel. View the collection of exotic Alebrije creations and plan a trip ahead #

When you visit Cozumel, you can see these incredible murals and see for yourself their messages. We # We have put together the two maps below to help you find them, but don't worry if you haven't done so, as it's likely that you'll have time to take a photo of them before you go through security for your departure. If you ever come to CoZUMEL, take your time, no matter what day of the week it is. You will be at the airport at 9: 30 a.m. on the morning of your flight, which is a good time for you to see them all, as it is quite possible that you will have some time to photograph their wings before you go to safety before departure, and you have not had time to smooch before arriving in Cozzumels.

For this reason, this insider's view helps you plan your trip to Cozumel and make the most of it. Enjoy the video below for more information about the ruins and what you will discover, as well as some photos of the murals.

The 2015 wrap-up video presented by 1xrun Pharmacy Co. of PangeaSeed on Vimeo. This state-of-the-art presentation takes you on an amazing virtual journey to Mexico, where you will learn all about Cozumel and other destinations.

Discover the unique blend of art and culture in Cozumel and enjoy the myriad activities and attractions that go with it. If you are looking for a list of pieces you would like to visit during your visit to the county of Zumul, this map of CoZumil Street Art can help you. Enjoy the clear tropical waters of Tulum while exploring the colorful reefs, swimming with tropical fish and exploring some of the city's most popular tourist attractions, such as the beach, beaches, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, museums, etc.

These murals are a little harder to find as they are located in more residential areas of Cozumel.

This can be particularly difficult as a day in the harbor can hardly cover all the activities in Cozumel and due to the tiny size of the island, the docks cannot accommodate the sixteen of us who could visit them in one day. While many good sites are visited by numerous tours and can be quite crowded for solo travelers, shore excursions in and out of CoZUMel are much more entertaining than personal explorations.

More About Cozumel

More About Cozumel